I have a few books on my 'keeper' shelf that will be there permanently, in some shape or form. Books I've grown up with and revisited, only to notice new parts of the plot, character traits, or conflicts and to feel familiar emotions at favorite scenes.

I've sung along with Francie's dad in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn* and felt ashamed about wanting a pie, and lamented with Amy March about pickled limes, Jo's shorn hair, and paltry Christmases. Those two are classics that I know all of the women in my family have read. I have my own, more contemporary re-reads. The Virgin Suicides, because I can't get enough of the boys' creepy adoration, or the allure of Lux sunning herself on the roof. Sophie's World, because I love the puzzles and armchair philosophizing. Anything by Lynda Barry, because she's a goddess. What about you?

*The book is not the movie, the movie is not the book, that's a conversation for a different post, but I loved this gif.