I remember when I was a kid, All the President's Men was a Book-of-the-Month Club selection and my mother took me to a matinee of the film on opening day. Previously, my science teacher would play the Watergate hearings all day with us kids working on worksheets while he watched and sometime around this time, a paperback version of the Nixon tape transcripts was released, which I recall reading from end to end.

From the press, it sounds like Glenn Greenwald's No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State could be like a combination of these two books. (I might have to stop by Barnes & Noble to know for sure) There appears to be a lot of the story behind the story, quite a bit of which is coming out in interviews and apparently there are some documents, such as one revealing a NSA program about interdicting routers and implanting them with devices. During some of the early interviews, it really wasn't made clear that this affected only equipment shipped out of the US, even though Greenwald had written about it days before, but by the time he got to Charlie Rose, it was being better stated.

I've put the book on my Father's Day list. I might break down and buy it within the next month, but there's a perpetual problem at my house of me just buying stuff and the kids having nothing to give, so right now it's on my list and I'll see if I can hold off.

In the meantime, below is an embed of Greenwald's appearance with Terry Gross on "Fresh Air" (44 mins) and his appearance with Charlie Rose. On Amazon, there are the first several pages of the Kindle version, basically the book's introduction and the part called "Contact".


Click here to view this www.hulu.com embed.