Talk about Books
Talk about Books

So I found a hard-back copy of Gone Girl for 6 dollars in the used book-store. I had cash, there's a big movie coming out this summer, so I took the plunge and bought it.

I'm about a third of the way through and I hate these two people. The wife has just disappeared and they went on TV asking for help. They're just awful people and I want them to stay married so they don't fictionally marry other people and make their lives miserable.


Nick is the kind of guy who spends a lot of time on the MRA Reddit. Meanwhile arguing that he's a Nice Guy because he had a gross misogynist father. Reading Amy's perspective is an exercise into the vapid and appearance obsessed. They keep hitting us over the head with how disingenuous she is.

Am I missing something are they supposed to be this unlikable? I know there's a twist ending and the movie is coming out this summer. Do I need to keep reading to see where she's going with this?

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