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Have y'all read Unbroken?

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Because you should!

I read this a few years ago and didn't put it down for 3 days. I remember feeling shellshocked while I was reading it and for days afterward.


I've since added the book to my Non-Fiction classes and I've only had one student dislike it (believe me, that's a huge endorsement!). For most students, this quickly becomes their new favorite book.

We just finished it again the other day as a class and, even though I'd read it three times before, I still found myself crying through the epilogue... like, crying a lot.


I'm reluctant to say what it's about, except to say it's about a man whose plane went down over the Pacific during WWII and the amazing series of events that followed. Even if you're not a reader of military books (I, for one, am usually not) this book will rock your world.

It's also being turned into a movie, with Angelina Jolie directing. Go read it before it's a movie!

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