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Sophie Hannah's Cradle in the Grave Query

Hey, All,

I am reading Sophie Hannah's Cradle in the Grave as I've been in the mood for more literary-type thrillers and someone (sorry, can't remember who!) reminded me of Hannah.

OK, so I have a quick question though: without ruining the book, can anyone here tell me if this stays anti-vax? Just a yes or a no, no need to go into too much detail. I just... it kinda came out of left field, I guess? And I'm halfway through and might go nuts if I have to read anti-vax stuff for another couple hundred pages.


If it helps, here's the UK cover:

Apparently, in the UK, this book is called A Room Swept White and has a different cover.

Any help (w/o spoilers) would be great! Thanks and happy reading!

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