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Things That Should Happen: GoT-inspired miniseries of Mary Renault's 'Fire from Heaven'

I don't think all great books should be or can be (successfully) recast in a visual medium, but I'm rereading Mary Renault's historical fiction Fire from Heaven a novel of Alexander the Great, and I can't help but see it coming to life in a similar way that has made Game of Thrones so popular. It has blood, incestuous overtones, gayness, high stakes,long snakes and I really just want to see Alexander and Hephaestion getting all hot and bothered together!

Achilles and Patroclus have held the gay power couple of antiquity for a while now. It'd be fun to see a new story. (And I don't consider Colin Farrell's Alexander to be satisfactory at all.) What do you all think?


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