Am I the only one that does that?

I'm trying to be realistic about what reading I'll be able to accomplish this summer, so the fact that I just want to get through two books is such a ridiculously short goal post that it will be just sad if it doesn't happen.

In progress #1: The "proper literature" title.

Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry.

I've seen the movie, now I'm slowly working my way into the book. I haven't read a book written like this in a long time and it's refreshing, but if I'm honest, my brain is a little out of shape for writing like this (the tweet below isn't meant to be an example).


In progress #2: The horror, the horror (but not that horror).

Songs of a Dead Dreamer by Thomas Ligotti.

I picked up a supposedly hard-to-find hardcover version of this anthology from Amazon. Ligotti has a number of rave reviews for Lovecraft-inspired stories, but does he live up to it? If I had to compare against Lovecraft, I wouldn't know because it's been too long since I've last read any of his stories. I'm two stories into Dead Dreamer though and it's promising so far, but not spine-tingling or anything. Actually, those first couple of stories have a very similar vibe to the primary tales from The King in Yellow by Robert Chambers. Not a bad thing at all...